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Our Mission Statement

To serve as a resource center for information, education, culture, and leisure; facilitated by revenue generate from the legally-defined service area of the Platteville Public Library.


What is Nantes Library?

Nantes Library is located in the Town of Gilcrest as part of the Platteville service area. It is the culmination of nearly five years of planning and hard work from the Platteville Public Library’s Board of  Trustees, staff, architects, engineers, and energy developers. The library is at the center of town within convenient walking distance of Valley High School, Gilcrest Elementary School, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Why the name?

The name Nantes was chosen as a nod to the history of Gilcrest. The Town of Gilcrest was originally known as Nantes from 1887- 1907 until it was acquired and      renamed by W. K. Gilcrest. Our hope is that the          architecture and décor of this library will elicit feelings of nostalgia mixed with our hopes for the future of the town.

This brand-new 4,000 square-foot building features:

· New techniques in energy efficiency

· Study areas

· A dedicated children’s reading area

· Terminals for public Internet access

· 24/7 Wi-Fi

· A cozy reading area next to a fire place

· Meeting tables

· FEMA-approved storm shelter

· Spacious wrap-around porch


Current Platteville Public / Nantes Library Board

President Patricia Patterson

Vice President Ellen Toomey-Hale

Trustee Annette Price

Trustee Cassie Lawson

Trustee Karen Giardino

Trustee Ricky Patterson


The Library Board meets every last Tuesday of the month at 8:30AM. If you'd like to attend the meeting, please contact us here or visit our Facebook page and message us there. Thank you.

For the latest Board of Trustees Agenda, visit the link below:

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